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By admin Amesbury School | Posted: Monday November 9, 2015

A fantastic morning for sport on Friday, with action in vortex, quoits, long jump, high jump, short and long sprints...

Fantastic effort by everyone, and congratulations to our place getters!

High Jump
YEAR 0 Girls & Boys: 1st Addison, 2nd Selina
YEAR 1 Girls: 1st Ruby, 2nd Felicity, 3rd Si-Yeon
YEAR 1 Boys: 1st= Max and James M, 2nd Ben B, 3rd George
YEAR 2 Boys and Girls: 1st Jayden, 2nd= Milano and Louise
Long Jump
YEAR 0 Girls & Boys: 1st Jayden, 2nd Selina
YEAR 1 Girls: 1st Felicity, 2nd Ruby, 3rd= Jade, Si-Yeon, Jasmine
YEAR 1 Boys: 1st Max, 2nd= Bader, George, Jacob P
YEAR 2 Girls & Boys: 1st Louise, 2nd Lorenzo, 3rd= Milano & Jayden
Short Sprints
YEAR 0 Girls: 1st Vida, 2nd Vrusha, 3rd Selina
YEAR 0 Boys: 1st= Charlie & Kirat, 2nd Josh C
YEAR 1 Girls: 1st Felicity, 2nd Ruby, 3rd Jade
YEAR 1 Boys: 1st George, 2nd James, 3rd Josh H
YEAR 2 Girls: 1st Louise, 2nd Matilda, 3rd Caitlyn V
YEAR 2 Boys: 1st Milano, 2nd Jayden, 3rd Lorenzo
Long Sprints
YEAR 0 Girls: 1st Vida, 2nd Selina, 3rd Vrusha
YEAR 0 Boys: 1st Charlie, 2nd Kirat
YEAR 1 Girls: 1st Jade, 2nd Felicity, 3rd Ruby
YEAR 1 Boys: 1st George, 2nd Max, 3rd Jacob P
YEAR 2 Girls: 1st Matilda, 2nd Louise, 3rd Caitlyn V
YEAR 2 Boys: 1st Milano, 2nd= Lorenzo & Jayden, 3rd Lenny
YEAR 0 Girls & Boys: 1st= Sudhiksha, Charlie & Selina, 2nd= Vinuka & Addison, 3rd= Isabella & Josh
YEAR 1 Girls: 1st Anvi, 2nd= Christina & Tisha, 3rd= Jasmine, Jade & Si-Yeon
YEAR 1 Boys: 1st Max, 2nd George, 3rd= Bader & Jacob K
YEAR 2 Girls: 1st Louise, 2nd Eden, 3rd Aaryana
YEAR 2 Boys: 1st Leonard, 2nd Lorenzo, 3rd Riley
YEAR 0 Girls & Boys: 1st Charlie, 2nd Kelvin, 3rd Vinuka
YEAR 1 Girls: 1st Felicity, 2nd Anvi, 3rd Tabby
YEAR 1 Boys: 1st Max, 2nd Jacob P, 3rd James M
YEAR 2 Boys & Girls: 1st Riley, 2nd Luke F & 3rd Milano

Thanks to the parents that helped out with the various sports and were great ‘markers’!

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