Cultural Dress Parade

By admin Amesbury School | Posted: Thursday November 5, 2015

Great opportunity for students to wear and share their traditional or cultural dress at the International Community Celebration on Friday 20th November...

We will be having a Cultural Dress Catwalk/Parade as part of the International Community Celebration. This will be an exciting way to close the cultural evening at Amesbury School on Friday 20th November.

We would love your child (and you too!) to take part in this. We invite you to enter your child in the parade by having them dress up in cultural or traditional dress specific to a culture/country that you identify with. There will be special Kiwi assistants to escort children on the catwalk if they would like one, or they can choose to have a parent who may also be in traditional/cultural dress. 

Oh, and did we mention there will be spot prizes?

To help with our preparations, please register your interest by emailing your child’s name and country/cultural theme of dress (e.g. Traditional Indian, contemporary NZ, country colours/icon) to [email protected] (Toby Short’s Mum) preferably before Tuesday 17th November

No problems if you forget, just let Clare know on the night and we will add you to the list!