Walking Bus - a great way to travel

By admin Amesbury School | Posted: Friday October 30, 2015

First day a great success!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our walking buses this morning. We were welcomed by a sunny Churton Park morning, which saw around 50 participants including students, parents and siblings travelling by foot, scooter and pusher enjoy the morning walk together. 

On Waverton Terrace, the driver of a number 54 Metlink bus stopped and opened the door only to be left looking on enviously as students who were waiting along the footpath joined our ever growing walking group.  In Amesbury Drive as two of our walking buses converged to form a super-bus a voice was heard to say “it’s a bus crash!” 

Fortunately our trusty crossing warden had come on duty extra early especially to meet us and guided our energetic super-bus safely across the road. The pace noticeably quickened as students from all three of our walking bus routes made their way to the table just outside the hall for a well deserved warm milo and cool fluoro wristband.

Keep up the great walking because frequent walkers will have the opportunity to go into the draw for great prizes throughout the term. We’re on every Wednesday and Friday morning for the rest of the term.

If any parents would like to be a volunteer bus driver from time to time please just let Angela know, or you can register your interest through here http://goo.gl/forms/kMm8fYi0Zd. Each route has its own separate roster which is sent out to people on that particular route.

If you have any questions about our walking bus service please feel free to speak with Angela Natali (Matilda’s mum) at school pickup/dropoff time or on 021 2724321 or email [email protected]

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