Year 5 & 6 Camp

Harakeke Hub Camp 2014

Year 5 and 6

Outdoor Education provides students opportunities to develop personal and social skills, to become active, safe and skilled in the outdoors and to develop passion for outdoor education and the environment. This is the initial information email outlining our Year 5 and 6 North Island Camp, and much closer to the camp we will email final confirmation details around camp. 

The Year 5 and 6 E.O.T.C programme includes a variety of learning opportunities:

  • Adventure activities and outdoor pursuits that focus on physical skills, challenge, development, fun and enjoyment.
  • Games and cooperation activities that focus on the development of personal and interpersonal skills.
  • Opportunities to use safe practices and basic risk management strategies.
  • Pushing themselves outside their comfort zone.
  • Opportunities to learn about and explore the environment.

The programme is designed to cater for the consolidation and extension of our children’s skill and needs. It is our aim, for all children to be included in our Outdoor Education Programme.

Camp Information

The Year 5 and 6 camp will take place from Monday 1st December - Friday 5th December 2014.

The location for Year 5 and 6 camp will be Masterton. We will be catching the train over to Masterton and returning by train. We will be based at two venues for accommodation - Ararangi Camp in cabins, which we will have completely to ourselves. Ararangi is a quiet camp about 4km out of Masterton, with a very cosy feel. Our second venue will be an overnight stay at a local Marae to incorporate our Te Reo learning and giving the children an unique opportunity to experience a real Noho Marae with local iwi.


The programme will consist of 5 days with the Wairarapa Outdoor Pursuits Company based in Masterton. 


Activities have been planned with the managing director of Wairarapa Outdoor Pursuits to ensure the activities are age and ability appropriate. Below is the outline of the activities planned. All activities will have qualified and experienced guides.

If you have any questions regarding the activities, please contact Andrea or Urs.

Wairarapa Outdoor Pursuits Activities include:

  • Rafting / Kayaking
  • Day tramp with bush skills/environmental awareness
  • River Activities - including optional swim in the river
  • Climbing Wall / Swing
  • Overnight Marae Stay and Cultural Experience
  • Caving and Flying Fox
  • Evening Swim at Masterton Pool
  • High and Low Ropes Confident Course

It is very important, when we involve your children in activities, which can have an element of risk that, we only use fully accredited, qualified and experienced guides and operators.

Gear List

A list of equipment needed can be found here.


We will be travelling to Masterton on the train. Camp will begin and end at Wellington Train Station – Parents are asked to make arrangements for their child to be dropped at and collected from Wellington Train Station. While at camp, we will be transported by coach to and from activities.


The total cost we charge each student will be $200. (Fundraising will cover the rest of camp costs.) Most of the cost of this camp is made up of activities, hiring instructors, transportation, meals and facilities.

Fund Raising

It is our aim, to have every student at camp and make camp affordable for all. To do this we are planning and currently running a number of fund raising initiatives. Our overall camp costs are higher than the amount we charge parents, but involving the students in raising some of the funds allow us to keep the costs as low as possible. Our disco was a huge hit last year as a profitable fundraiser for Y5/6 camp.

We have a number of other fundraising activities planned over the next few months.

  • Term 2 – Leaders Dress Up Day and Bake Sale (Week 9)
  • Evening Disco – Term 3
  • Sausage Sizzles
  • Possible Quiz Night

Permission Form and Camp Payment

Please fill in the camp permission form by Friday 25th July (end of Week 1, Term 3) . Again, if you have any questions regarding this form, please contact us. We would be grateful if you could pay a $50.00 non-refundable deposit by Monday 11th August 2014.

Payment Schedule:
Deposit of $50 per student is payable by: Monday 11th August 2014 (non-refundable)
Installment of $75 per student due by: Monday 1st September 2014
Balance of $75 per student due by: Monday 3rd November 2014

Parent Help

As always parent help is needed and appreciated for camp to go ahead. In previous years, there is always a huge response to assisting with camp. While we would love to include everyone, costs and space prevent us from doing so. The Parent Help form is included in the consent form below, if you are interested in attending camp please indicate this on the form.

Parental Consent Form - Year 5/ 6 Camp 2014


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, Urs and Andrea