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At Amesbury School our vision is for every child

  • to experience what it means to be fully human
  • to continually fulfil his/her potential
  • to live better in and for the world


Amesbury School has been entered into the OECD Centre for Effective Learning Environments:
Best Practices in Educational Facilities Investment Database.
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Amesbury School Digest

Well, here we are at the end of another term - one quarter of the way through another year! It has been a hectic term - everyone is exhausted - kids included! But it has been a good term.

Posted: Thursday April 14, 2016

Amesbury School Digest

I would like to begin by saying a big thank you to the parents who commented on and provided feedback with regards to the policies/statements that I shared with the school community. Your responses were very helpful, and I have no doubt that they strengthened the policies.

Posted: Friday April 1, 2016

Amesbury School Digest

It has been quite a month! Firstly a family wedding, then my youngest child leaving home and moving to Hamilton for football and finally the birth of my fourth grandson last Thursday. Quite a few trips to Hamilton, but exciting times!

Posted: Friday March 18, 2016

Resilience - a 21st Century parenting concept

Building resilience in our children is particularly important for our children who live in a fast-paced, ever changing world.

Posted: Monday November 30, 2015

Sunday Star Times' article - response received from Wellington College Headmaster

Mr Roger Moses responded to Lesley Murrihy's comments regarding the front page Sunday Star Times' article about modern learning environments. Mr Moses asked for his article to be shared with the school community. His response and Lesley's further response are included below.

Posted: Monday November 2, 2015

Response to article – “Top schools give multi-million dollar classrooms a fail grade”

I don’t normally read the Sunday papers, but when someone told me about the article on the front page of the Sunday Star Times over the weekend, I thought it was time to begin. I found a copy of the article and my Sunday paper reading began. Essentially what I encountered was an argument against being forced to comply with Ministry of Education guidelines to modernise learning spaces because these open spaces “fail” students. The following is my response to the article.

Posted: Monday October 19, 2015