Keyi SUN

Keyi SUN - Mandarin Learning Assistant

I am very happy to become a member in Amesbury School. I was born and raised in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. I graduated from Zhejiang Normal University with a bachelor’s degree in art and currently I am a postgraduate student majoring in “teaching Chinese as a foreign language” at Xiamen University.

I am a person with wide interests, such as reading, singing, exercising and traveling etc. From my point of view, the world is full of amazing beauty and worth discovering. This is the reason why I can maintain a passion for life. My life philosophy is very positive and straightforward. Since every day is a new day, I love my life and enjoy my life, no matter pain or happiness. As such, my friends describe me as “a small figure with enormous strength inside”. 

I would like to share my previous experience in teaching, as well as communicating with all of you. I truly believe this would be a great platform for me to make good use of my major knowledge as well as expand my international horizon. I believe that teaching Chinese doesn’t only mean to transfer knowledge but also to connect China to other countries around the world. I would try my utmost to make contributions to spread Chinese and Chinese culture in Amesbury School.

Email: [email protected]