Demelza Topp

Demelza Topp - Associate Principal/Learning Support

As a foundation teacher, I have been a part of Amesbury School since it opened in 2012. I am truly passionate about education and I relish the opportunity to work with children of all ages. I am also passionate about being a lifelong learner, and in 2015, I took a year out to complete a Master of Educational Leadership.

Prior to working at Amesbury School, I was a teacher in a decile 1 school for three years. Because of the challenging environment, I learned a lot about effective teaching practices, including building genuine relationships and going outside of traditional teaching methods to meet the individual needs of diverse learners. We also discovered the capacity of all students to learn and be successful.

As well as being a teacher and a lifelong learner, I am also a proud mum of three gorgeous boys. My husband and I often play the role of “soccer moms”, chauffeuring our children to different activities.

My blurb would not be complete if I didn’t mention running. I have always been determined and, somewhat competitive, so when I started racing at the Taumarunui Athletics Club nights as a 5 year old, I discovered a new passion. As I grew older, I discovered my talent was in middle distance running and I went on to win several New Zealand titles. I have also represented New Zealand at a number of junior World Champs. While I still enjoy running, I am definitely not as fast as in my teenage years. If you see me jogging around the streets, feel free to hurry me up. I probably need it.

Email: [email protected]