John Bunting

John Bunting - Board Chair

Hi, my name is John Bunting, I am married to Amanda (23 years) and we have two really great kids – Jasmine and Micah.

I have had the privilege of serving on the Amesbury BOT since its first year of operation in 2012. As Deputy Chair from 2014 until mid-2017 and then as Board Chair until now.

 Being on the BOT has been an incredibly fulfilling time and a journey. Amesbury School is unique and special in how it cares for, educates and grows our children.

We are currently in the middle of some very exciting times – a new building, possible recapitation to full primary, continued development of the school’s student and teacher management software (ALF) and continued roll growth and many others.

Managing our way through these projects and changes while never losing sight of our primary purpose, which is to ensure the health, wellbeing and achievement of our students, is crucial. On top of all of these is our increasing cultural diversity as a school and that an ongoing focus for the Board will be ensuring our systems, processes, structures and practices are culturally sustaining for all students.

I believe as a parent in the need to work in with our school, community and the staff to ensure we are making the right progress on student achievement and setting up our kids for their best possible futures.

The last seven years has really driven home to me how important the role of the Board is and how important it is that we as parents get involved in our schools. Being on the board has opened up a real passion in me to be consistently involved in my children’s education – be that in their homework, camps, sports, and special events or on the Board.  I also invest my time as coach for both Cricket and Soccer juniors year-round, as being on the sidelines is not an option.

Amesbury School is a real jewel and is already making a difference in the lives of our children, families and our community. I’m proud of what we have done but so excited about what still lies ahead.


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