Crystal Shan

Crystal Shan - Parent Representative

Crystal Shan is a health professional who has been working as a mental health clinician and therapist over the last ten years. She has worked extensively with children, youth and adults from a range of lives, in various settings including in the communities, in schools as well as in crisis settings.

She is passionate about supporting our children, parents and teaching staff from a holistic approach. While our children’s priority during school time remains as becoming confident learners; being able to get the timely support and responses in regards to the health and educational needs of our children may well be equally important.

Crystal is also keen to support our students from culturally diverse backgrounds. While it can be daunting for our immigrant families to adapt and adjust into different cultures, not to mention the potential barriers they may be facing in accessing help e.g. language, acculturation, emotional concerns, and stigma, etc.; knowing that there are people the families can talk to; that they would feel listened to, and helping the families to understand how the community and social systems works, may just be what the families need to strengthen their own support networks, which hopefully will also help to increase the resilience of our children in the long run.

She acknowledges the wealth of expertise and knowledge that all parents, teachers and school staff bring in nurturing our learners here at Amesbury. What’s most important for Crystal is to help our children to realise actually how much potential they have already got within themselves, and how to help young learners to keep motivating themselves in developing their passions towards life.

Email: [email protected]