Exciting progress on our new hub building

By Urs Cunningham | Posted: Thursday February 3, 2022

The start of the school year has been full of excitement at Amesbury School, as our staff and ākonga return and see the progress that’s been made on our new hub building.

The project officially kicked off last year and a huge amount of effort has gone into laying the foundations for the new building. This work has now been completed, although it might have gone unnoticed above ground!

With the structural steel framing going up, we can really start to get an idea of how our new building will look.

Over the next few weeks, the following construction activities are scheduled:

- Interspan precast concrete ribs will go up – these will form the first storey of the building

- The first set of precast stairs will be installed at the far end of the hub

- The roofing will begin to be installed

We are currently on track to have the new hub finished by December this year, although we are mindful that potential impacts from Covid outbreaks and materials supply difficulties may impact our timing.

I have already come across several teachers gazing at the building from the balcony outside the commons, imagining the different learning spaces and what it will be like inside.

For now, we are very pleased with the developments being made, and we keep watching day to day as changes keep unfolding. 

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