Ski Camp Day 2

By Angela Johnston | Posted: Wednesday September 5, 2018

Snow wars, snow caves and more...

Unfortunately the ski field was closed today due to the weather.   However, it hasn't hampened our spirits or our adventures.  Today we had a sleep in and a leisurely breakfast.  Then our activities commenced:

*Trying on our ski boots (fingers crossed we will get to use them)

*We prepared to head outside in our ski gear and winter wear

*Snow play in the abundant soft snow outside our lodge

*Back inside for a lesson about the NZ mountainous weather

*Many were fascinated by watching ice melt in a pot on the fire

*Headed outside for our second round of snow play.  We built our snowball battlefield with snow walls and hundreds of snowballs. 

*Snow wars was on!  Snowballs being projected at children and Dads as they raced across the battle fields, dodging, sliding and hiding behind their snow walls.

*The Dads built a very impressive snow survival trench while others built snow tunnels and digging out the skidoos that had been completely covered by snow overnight. 

*The kids snuggled into their PJs, grabbed their pillows and watched a movie before bed. 

Goodnight all!

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