Educational Agents

Amesbury School recognises the vital role of Educational Agents in recruiting international students. 

All Amesbury Educational Agents must have a signed agreement with Amesbury School before recruiting students on the school’s behalf and must comply with the Education (Code of Practice for Pastoral Care of International Students) 2016. A copy of the Code in English or other languages can be downloaded from It is important that the Educational Agent acts with the utmost integrity at all times and is clear about their obligations to international students, their families and the schools they represent.

How to Apply

We'd really like to get to know you, so our application form asks a few questions about your experience and how that is relevant to Amesbury. We also ask for references so we can talk to other schools about what it is like working with you.

Please complete the Amesbury School Application to be an Educational Agent here. Email your completed form and any accompanying documentation (resume) to Beckie Duffy, Business Manager: [email protected].

You can view a copy of our Educational Agency Agreement here,which can be signed once we have satisfactorily completed reference checks. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Beckie. 

Working with Amesbury

Amesbury School provides a high quality and safe environment for international students in Years 1-6, with an academic programme personalised to each student’s individual needs. The unique nature of the personalised education that students receive at Amesbury School is a key selling point of the school and it is important that Educational Agents understand this uniqueness. Where possible, the school expects that the Educational Agent will either visit the school or meet with a school representative prior to signing this agreement. Once the agreement has been signed, Amesbury School will supply a copy of the International Student Handbook, outlining the international programme at the school, and any other material that will assist in promoting the school. A parent is required to accompany and live with any child enrolling at Amesbury School, and this parent is responsible for the wellbeing of the student while they are in New Zealand. The parent is responsible for arranging their own accommodation.

The Educational Agent will attract students that suit the nature of the school and have an understanding of how teaching and learning are delivered at Amesbury School.

Agents we work with

We work with the following international educational agents to bring students from all round the world to Amesbury School. If you would like to attend Amesbury, you can contact one of the agents below, or contact the school directly on [email protected].

Our Educational Agents

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If you would like to become an Educational Agent for Amesbury School, you can complete our application form here.