Co-curricular Lessons

Students have opportunities to participate in small group or individual music and drama lessons with specialist teachers. These lessons are at a cost to the parents and run through the day on Wednesdays and Fridays. There are a range of options available for students. 

Lessons run for 8 weeks each term and normally start in the second week of term. Parents are invited to "open days" in the final week of lessons to observe the student's progress.

Please contact [email protected] if your child is interested in music lessons.

Music Lessons

The following classes will be offered in 2018:

  • Group guitar ($10/wk)
  • Individual guitar ($31/wk)
  • Group ukulele ($8/wk)
  • Group drums ($10/wk)
  • Individual drums ($31/wk)
  • Group keyboard ($10/wk)
  • Individual keyboard ($31/wk)
  • Individual singing ($31/wk)
  • Group violin ($10/wk)
  • Individual violin ($31/wk)

Guitar and Ukulele

Students can learn individual guitar ($31/week) guitar, group guitar ($10/week) and group ukulele ($8/week) with Phil Hope. Phil has years of experience as a musician and songwriter and he aims to teach new students to have fun playing music. Phil also offers individual lessons in electric guitar. Find more information on Phil here.


Both individual and ($31/week) and group violin ($10/week) lessons are available at all levels. A limited number of violins are available for hire for $20/term. Tutor, Alex Vaastra, studied performance violin at Otago University and established a successful career in Dunedin as a violin teacher and performer. In 2015, Alex moved to Wellington and studied primary teaching at Victoria University. Find out more about Alex here. 

Keyboard and Singing

Our keyboard and singing tutor is Bryn van Vliet. He teaches group keyboard ($10/week), individual keyboard ($31/week) and individual singing ($31/week). Bryn is a professional musician based in Wellington. His music lessons aim to be fun, engaging and informative. Bryn uses Dynamite Music Piano Course books to support learning. Children will be advised which edition they need to get and books can be purchased at the school shop. As an established performer on multiple instruments - primarily the saxophone, Bryn hopes that his experience and love for music can be a springboard for students of any age to take music up and see how far they can take it.


Group ($10/week) and individual ($31/week) drum lessons are available, taught by Thomas Friggens. Thomas is an experienced and well-regarded drummer, who has worked with Strike Percussion and as a recording artist. His styles range from funk, jazz and pop to latin, hip hop and rock. 







Bryn Teaching

Drama Lessons

In 2018, we have the following drama classes available, taught by Maneesha Fonseka:

  • Group speech and drama ($10/wk)
  • Group communications skills ($10/wk)

Maneesha has been a student of Drama & Speech since she was four years old. After successfully completing her teaching diploma with Trinity College, London Maneesha pursued her passion of being an educator of Speech & Drama. Maneesha is an eager drama enthusiast who is keen to impart her learning and knowledge to young artists and bring out the talents in them. Find out more about Maneesha here

Speech & Drama

Speech & Drama lessons are designed to help children develop their confidence, selfesteem, social skills and conversational ability. They will learn to appreciate literature and enjoy presenting it for an audience. Drama is a wonderful way through which they can channel their energies to find innovative methods of creating and expressing. At Amesbury, Speech & Drama lessons are grouped by age, with Junior classes covering Years 1-3 and Senior classes covering Years 4-6. Classes are $10/week.

Communications Skills

Communication Skills lessons are designed to allow children to develop and refine expertise in different forms of communication through the spoken language. Skillful listening and confident speaking are key to achievements in many aspects and these lessons will help them to improve their ability to talk, learn, share and communicate. The benefit of attending these lessons are beyond comprehension. However, these lessons bring elements of play, humour, and laughter to those taking part – improves motivation and reduces stress. Allowing them express a range of emotions and encourage them to understand and deal with similar feelings they may be experiencing. Classes are $10/week.





Maneesha 2

Rhythmic Gym Classes

Our popular rhythmic gymnastics classes are $8/week and are suitable for boys and girls. Ellie has come to New Zealand from the UK to teach rhythmic gymnastics at Elements Club in Wellington. Ellie has been involved in gymnastics from a very young age, competing nationally in artistic and rhythmic gymnastics in the UK. For the past 7 years, Ellie has been coaching and has experience training gymnasts of all ages and abilities.