Amesbury School

Creating life-long learners

School Logo

Amesbury School’s logo is about representing the school in a modern and cultural way. It follows the five values that represents the school. These values are:

  • Excellence
  • Learning
  • Community
  • Respect
  • Building Relationships

It also communicates the environment which surrounds the school and also relates heavily to the community and the future of the school.

Why a stylized A?

The stylized A is something unique and organic. Its unique curves which delicately flick at the bottom were created to generate a feeling for the environment and community which surrounds the school. The curves represent the hillsides and the natural environment in which the school is situated. The sides of the A slope up and then back down to create this feeling. The A reaches up, pointing towards the sky to represent Excellence which the school will strive to gain.
The shades of green are the five steps which represent the five values in which the school also strives to achieve. The flicks on the A represent other cultures which are an integral part of the local community. The Koru represents the Maori / New Zealand culture which is also very important to the school. The Koru also unites both sides of the A, this represents the school and the community working together to keep a good relationship.

Why Green?

Green is a colour of life and nature. It is the most appropriate colour for us: a unique colour which stands out, but also gives a friendly feel to the school. It presents the school in all its forms, which is about creating a bright future, life and nature. It reflects the history of Amesbury and also creates a future.