Amesbury School

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A to Z Information


School Hours


Children may arrrive at school from 8:30am


First morning session:               9:00-11:00am

Morning Break:                        11:00-11:30am

Second morning session:          11:30am-12:50pm

Lunch break:                           12:50-1:40pm

Afternoon Session:                    1:40-3:00pm


School Lunches

  • School offers the purchase of school lunches on certain days.
  • Children and staff participate in planning the menu and organise and prepare the lunches onsite.
  • Choices and prices can be viewed on the "School Lunch Orders" tab on this website.
  • Summer and winter menu, special fun day menus occasionally.
  • Lollies, fizzy and energy drinks are not to be brought and consumed at school.
  • Healthy eating is encouraged.



  • The library will be open for part of the lunch break
  • It will also be available for use after school
  • The library uses RFID (Radio frequency identification).  Children can check out their books independently
  • Our library software programme "Access It" is web based and will be accessible from home.  Children can search, renew, reserve, write book reviews and more from any computer.


Bikes, Scooters, Skateboards

  • Children may bike to school under the supervision of their parents
  • Disembark from bike and enter the school by the driveway or the playground gate via the path
  • Bikes and all wheels to be walked into school along the pathways, rather than on the driveway
  • Bikes and all wheels can be stored at the south end of koru hub, at the bike stands
  • Bikes and wheels not to be access during class time
  • The tennis court is the nominated area for using wheels during break times, and is the only place they may be ridden in the school grounds 
  • Helmets to be worn at all times while riding any bikes, scooters or skateboard
  • Children will be encouraged to wear safety pads
  • Owners bring bikes, scooters and skateboards to school at their own risk however all care will be taken for safety and safe keeping of wheels


Road Patrol

  • Children and staff will supervise the road crossing before and after school
  • Year 5 & 6 children will all be trained at the beginning of the year to become road patrollers
  • Year 4 children will have training to be road patrol reserve