Amesbury School

Creating life-long learners

A to Z Information


  • Please contact our school office before 9:15am if your child is away from school
  • If you know in advance that your child will be away from school please let the school office and/or your child's whanau teacher know
  • Regular attendance at school is a strong indicator of learning success. We monitor attendance carefully and we will contact you if we become concerned with your child's attendance levels. 

Bikes, Scooters, Skateboards

  • Children may bike to school with the supervision or permission of their parents
  • Helmets to be worn at all times while riding any bikes, scooters or skateboard
  • Disembark from bike and enter the school by the driveway or the playground gate via the path
  • Bikes and all wheels to be walked into school along the pathways, rather than on the driveway
  • Bikes and all wheels can be stored at the south end of koru hub, at the bike stands
  • The tennis court is the nominated area for using scooters and skateboards during break times, and is the only place they may be ridden in the school grounds
  • Bikes can be used during break times on the bike route around school. Students are asked not to ride bikes during morning tea on Thursdays, as toddlers and younger children are still on site with the Play Wise  group. 
  • Owners bring bikes, scooters and skateboards to school at their own risk. However, all care will be taken for safety and safe keeping of wheels.

Camp & Field Trips

  • All students will have the opportunity to participate in camp and field trips during the course of the year.  As the cost of these events can vary greatly, these invoices are sent out as and when trips are arranged.  We offer options for payments in installments for larger amounts.


  • All communication from school to home will be sent electronically
  • Please ensure that our school office has up to date contact information for you, inclduing email, home/mobile phones, where appropriate 
  • Our school blog serves as our school newsletter. We encourage all parents to follow the blog by email to ensure they are notifed when new posts are added. Both learning hubs also have their own blog to share and celebrate learning. Links to all blogs can be found on the home page of the school website
  • Digests containing an overview of all recent communications are regularly emailed out to all families
  • Amesbury strives to maintain open lines of communication with all families. If you have any concerns or would like to chat about your child's learning, please email your child's whanau teacher and make a time to meet. If you would prefer to meet with either of the associate principals or our school principal, please email them and they will be happy to meet with you. 


  • The library will be open for part of the lunch break
  • It will also be available for use after school
  • The library uses RFID (radio frequency identification).  Children can check out their books independently
  • Our library software programme "Access It" is web based and will be accessible from home.  Children can search, renew, reserve, write book reviews and more from any computer.

Leaving school during school hours

  • If you need to take your child out of school for any reason, please call in to the school office and sign your child out in our sign out book. If your child returns to school the same day please sign them back in again. This allows us to keep track of all students on-site and off-site in case of an emergency
  • Students are not to leave school premises at any point during the school day without teacher permission.

Lost Property

  • We encourage students to name all items of clothing, lunch boxes and drink bottles
  • There is a lost property box in both hubs. Students regularly move about both hubs, so we advise looking in both lost property boxes for missing items
  • Any named items will be returned to the lost property box in the appropriate hub.

Medical Issues

  • Our treatment room is managed by Gail Greenslade, our school administrator
  • In the case of an accident, basic first aid will be administered. In the case of more serious issues parents will be contacted. In the case of emergencies, the student will be taken to the doctor or hospital
  • All medication to be administered at school is to be handed in to Gail, our school administrator. A medication form will be completed to ensure we have clear instructions for administering the medication.

Music Lessons

  • We offer a range of group and individual music lessons, which are delivered by specialist teachers on Wednesdays and Fridays during the school day.  
  • This is an optional activity, and if you choose to enrol your child, fees must be paid at the beginning of each term to secure your child's place.  
  • Invoices are emailed out to those families who book lessons.

Road Patrol

  • Children and staff will supervise the road crossing before school from 8:40-9:00am, and after school from 2:55-3:15pm
  • An adult will always be at the crossing supervising roat patrol 
  • Year 5 & 6 children will all be trained at the beginning of the year to become road patrollers

School Donation

  • The Ministry of Education provides a decile-based Operational Grant, which is funding for the basic administration, teaching and property running costs of the school
  • As a decile 10 school, the government considers our students to be from the highest socio-economic area, so we receive a smaller operational grant per student than lower decile schools  
  • To enable us to provide quality education and additional resources to enhance learning, we rely on voluntary donations from parents. Donations are tax deductible 
  • The recommended donation amounts for 2015 have not increased in the three years our school has been open. One child at school = $240, two children at school = $400, 3 or more children at school = $480.  We offer a 10% discount on these amounts if the donation is paid in full by 31st March 2015
  • There is a reduction for students joining the school part way through the year.

School Hours


Children may arrrive at school from 8:30am

First morning session:               9:00-11:00am

Morning Break:                        11:00-11:30am

Second morning session:          11:30am-12:50pm

Lunch break:                           12:50-1:40pm

Afternoon Session:                    1:40-3:00pm


School Lunches

  • School offers the purchase of school lunches on certain days
  • Choices and prices can be viewed on the "School Lunch Orders" tab on this website
  • Lollies, fizzy and energy drinks are not to be brought and consumed at school
  • Healthy eating is encouraged.

Stationery Fees

  • Each student is charged an annual stationery fee. This amount will be charged to student accounts at the beginning of the year 
  • In 2015 this fee is $40 (unchanged since 2012)
  • There is also a $20 fee for electives and cooking
  • Students joining school part way through the year will be charged a proportional amount for the remainder of the year
  • This cost covers all stationery for the year and also part payment for the student's annual subscrition to Mathletics. The school also pays part of this subscription
  • All stationery is then provided by the school
  • Students are welcome to bring their own personal stationery and keep it in their tote trays for personal use.


  • All students will participate in swimming at some point during the school year 
  • For 2015, both Koru & Harakeke students will swim during term 1
  • The cost of swimming is $50 per student, which covers the cost of the lessons and transport to and from the pool.