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Transition to School

Transition for Enrolled Students Coming From Other Schools

New students and parents are welcome to spend a session visiting the hub prior to starting with us.  This is a good opportunity for meeting the teachers and other children and familiarising themselves with the physical environment. During the enrolment process we will contact you to see if you would like a school visit and to organise a time that suits, prior to having their first day at Amesbury School. 

Transition for Enrolled New Entrant Students

Our transition policy below outlines the steps and activities we will have in place for children turning five during the year and starting school as New Entrants, as well as for children starting during the year from other schools.  The four main transition activities for new five year olds include:

  • Invitation to our Four Year Old Progamme
  • Visit to the child's early child care centre and talk with their teacher
  • Two school visits (more can be arranged if necessary)
  • New Entrant Parent Information Session

During the enrolment process we will email you the specific details with times and dates for attending the four year old programme and the parent information session times each term. We will contact you again a month before your child's starting date to organise early child care centre and school visits.

Four Year Old Programme

Our four year old programme runs for one hour once a week.  The specific times may vary each term.  
Children who are enrolled and are four years of age are invited to join other year one and two children for one hour of activities. Our junior hub teachers take turns in delivering a session of fun activities.  Children get to know the teachers, other students, orientate themselves with the physical environment and begin to build relationships in the school setting.  Parents also get to know one another and can chat with the teachers with any questions they may have. 
Families may attend any week and there is no need to RSVP.  Come along and meet us in Koru hub.  Meet the teachers and other children. Become familiar with our school environment and equipment.  Make new friends!

In term 4 (2014), the Four Year Old programme will run from 1:40-2:40pm on the following Wednesdays:
22nd & 29th October, 5th, 12th, 19th & November, 3rd December.
2015 dates and times for the Four Year Old Programe will not be confirmed until the beginning of the year.  Our website will be updated as soon as this information is available, along with dates for "Information Sessions for Parents of New Entrants", which are held once per term.

For further information contact Angela by email at or phone the school 477 3423