Amesbury School

Creating life-long learners

Amesbury School Educational Philosophy

"Learning for life....learning to live
 Joy for learning....joyful living"

Amesbury School aims to be a leader in 21st century education. We are committed to providing a learning environment that caters for the needs of all students. Our purpose built environment allows us to work flexibly to ensure your child’s learning is engaging, meaningful, personalised and joyful, enabling learning for life...learning to live.

Our Educational Philosophy:

Aim high: High standards set for all students

Modern” 21st Century, innovative, purpose built school with traditional family values

Engaging with the global world

Sustainability and justice: challenging students to adopt new behaviours and practices to secure our future and ensure the well being of our world and of all life on earth

Building strong relationships with parents, students and the wider community

Understanding the world as holistic, contextual and diverse

Responsive to individual needs, interests and capabilities

Your thoughts? We invite you to engage in the ongoing development of education at Amesbury School