Amesbury School

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Amesbury School Board of Trustees

Lesley MurrihyDavid WatersJohn BuntingLorraine WalmsleySimon LawFrances Lear

The Amesbury School Board of Trustees are charged with leading the future direction and performance of Amesbury School.

In May 2013, a parent elected Board of Trustees was confirmed and a Staff Representative appointed as follows:

David Waters (Chair)

John Bunting (Deputy Chair)

Lorraine Walmsley

Simon Law

Frances Lear

Matt Ives (Staff Representative)

Lesley Murrihy (Principal)

Jo Dawkins (Minute Secretary)


Following the resignation of Steve Dunbar from the Board, a by-election was held on 3rd April 2014 for one parent representative.

Declaration of Results

Parent Representative Votes:

Gilchrist, Mark                           8

Lear, Frances                           52

Quiros Manser, Guillermo          18

Invalid Votes                            2


Frances Lear was elected as the new parent representative on the Amesbury School Board of Trustees.